Derwent Valley and Highlands cricket results – Week 8

DUE to the wet weather, all of Saturday’s games were deemed washouts with only the New Norfolk 6th Grade game being played on Sunday. In great conditions on Friday night, the Redcap ladies made it two wins from two games to start their season. Due to the limited number of games played, no votes were awarded for the New Norfolk News Player of the Year Award but an update on the leaderboard is provided later in this report.


NEW NORFOLK – 6th Grade 40-Over format: New Norfolk 7/225 (40 overs) was defeated by St Ann’s 6/228 (37.2 overs) at Tynwald Park on Sunday. Wet weather caused delayed start. Batting first, the Redcaps posted 225, seeing out their full 40 overs. Coming in at first drop, Beau Kline had a great day out with the bat, hitting four beautiful sixes and nine fours on his way to a top score of 107 not out. Tim Lowe also turned back time to raise the bat at the score of 50 and then retired – knowing some young players were keen to bat. With the ball, Steve Sillifant picked up a couple of poles with Kline having economical figures bowling to top his day with 1 for just 15 from 6 overs. Unfortunately for the Redcaps, St Ann’s got the required runs for the win with a bit over two overs to spare. Batting: B. Kline 107 from 86, T. Lowe 50 from 47 (both not out). Bowling: S. Sillifant 2 for 31 from 6, B. Kline 1 for 23 from 8.

Women’s T20 format: New Norfolk 5/92 (17.1 overs) defeated St Aidan’s White 8 / 91 (16.3 overs) on Friday night at Tynwald Park. Bowling first, the Redcaps took all eight wickets in fewer than 17 overs, reducing the St Aidan’s score to 91. Mackenzie George and Angel Green picked up two good wickets each. With the bat and with the scent of victory in the air again, the Redcaps went about some good patient batting to gain the required runs for their
second win in a row in the 18th over. Lisa East top-scored with 17. Batting: L. East 17 from 25, V. Fletcher 11 from 16 (not out). Bowling: M. George 2 for 13 from 2, A. Green 2 for 18 from 3.

  • New Norfolk I 1st, New Norfolk II 1st, New Norfolk III 6th, New Norfolk Women 2nd.
  • Molesworth I 6th , Molesworth II 7th.
  • Gretna I 3rd, Gretna II 1st.
  • Bothwell I 4th, Bothwell II 1st.

As mentioned in the current print edition of New Norfolk and Derwent Valley News, there is a most-valuable player running this year. With the quiet week of results let’s look at the players topping the leaderboard so far.

  • 9 votes – Mathew Burns – Gretna I (votes polled two games)
  • 8 votes – Tim Boatwright – Molesworth II (votes polled in two games)
  • 5 votes – Adam Browning – Gretna I (votes polled one game); Steven Harvey – Bothwell II (votes polled in one game); Josh Ransley – Molesworth I (votes polled in two games); Jake King – New Norfolk II (votes polled in one game); Jack Campbell – Gretna II (votes polled in one game).
  • 4 votes – Nathan Rice – New Norfolk I (votes polled in one game); Cody Neads – New Norfolk II (votes polled in one game).

Other players on the scoreboard are: Tyson Smith (NN III), Adam Pearce (Bothwell I), Bradley Coppleman
(Molesworth I), Oliver Stewart (Molesworth II), Nathan White (Bothwell I), Simon Eyles (Bothwell II), Seb Wishart (NN I), Jack Evans (Gretna II), Beau Kline (NN III), Caleb Mayne (Bothwell I), Matty Eyles (Bothwell I), Bobby Nossiter (NN III) and Thomas Briscoe (NN I).

(No points awarded this week, due to the weather-disrupted round)

1 – Beau Kline (New Norfolk 3) – 107 from 86 not out and 1 for 15 from 6
2 – Tim Lowe (New Norfolk 3) – 50 from 47 then retired to allow younger players to bat
3 – Mackenzie George (New Norfolk Women) – 2 for 13 from 2 overs


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