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Council seeks public view on Esplanade land transfer

THE community has been invited to have its say on a proposal to transfer public land to the New Norfolk Rowing Club at a minimal cost. A proposal to sell the land under the rowing club’s new boathouse to the rowing club for $200 was narrowly defeated at the October meeting of the Derwent Valley Council.

Another attempt was made at the November meeting, with Cr Justin Derksen successfully moving that the council initiate the required public process to seek community views on the land transfer. Situated at the corner of Ferry St and Page Ave, the land is valued at $210,000.

Cr Derksen said the rowing club had done great things for the town and deserved to have “surety of title” having given that up to relocate from its own property in Rocks Rd to the new site on the Esplanade. The club and some councillors are of the view that the council had previously promised ownership of the new site to the rowing club, while other councillors and council executives say no such offer was made.

“There’s been a great deal of sweat equity that’s gone into the project and it’s obviously a recognition of reward for effort, recognising the great work the committee’s done from 10 years ago when half the shops in New Norfolk were closed and there were tumbleweeds blowing down the street,” Cr Derksen said. “This was in essence one of those projects that kind of kick-started the growth back into where we are today,” he said.

Cr Derksen said he was not hearing that people were concerned about the council “going down this track.” Cr Matt Hill supported the motion but noted there had never been a council decision to transfer the title to the club. Public comment on the proposed disposal of the land can be sent to the general manager by emailing by December 18.

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  1. What a load of rubbish from Cr Derksen. Are we going to reward the efforts of the community garden volunteers by giving them their land for a peppercorn? the football club? the cricket club? the former Friends of Willow Court? former Friends of Frescatti? the volunteers of the Historical Information Centre? where do we stop?

  2. could the rowing club get the $1.2 Million the liberals were going to give to the distillery and buy the land with that?

  3. This is not a good reflection of the governance expected of the DVC. In matters outside of the scope of “functioning to meet the purpose of local government” the DVC is a body corporate with responsibilities to function as such. Matey promises are not that. Why doesn’t the DVC auction the leased land? $200 is far to low, I’d offer $300.

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