Gallery: Bothwell v New Norfolk at Tynwald Park

BOTHWELL and New Norfolk had a great game of Southern Cricket Association 3rd Grade cricket at Tynwald Park today, with New Norfolk winning by four runs. Bothwell batted first and had scored 231 at the end of its 50 overs. In very warm conditions, the Red Caps met the target with almost two overs to spare. Our photos are from the last few overs of the Bothwell’s innings. Check back for Justin Benson’s match reports.

1. Bothwell batsman Blake Eyles, left, and New Norfolk bowler Jamie Maddox.
2. Bothwell’s Cody Eyles in action.
3. Bothwell batsmen Blake Eyles and Cody Eyles scoring runs.
4. New Norfolk wicketkeeper Will Banks.
5. Bothwell’s Cody Eyles.
6. Cody Eyles takes a shot.
7. New Norfolk’s Aaron Drew appeals to the umpire.
8. Spectators watching from the Tynwald Park pavilion.
9. Cody Eyles returns to the dressing rooms after being caught,
10. The Redcaps celebrate.
11. Matthew Eyles comes in to replace Cody Eyles.
12. Square leg umpire Caleb Mayne looks on as Matthew Eyles awaits his first delvery.
13. Bothwell batsmen Blake Eyles and Matthew Eyles are offered a drink in between overs.
14. New Norfolk bowler Jamie Maddox sends one down.
15. New Norfolk bowler Aaron Drew and Bothwell batsman Blake Eyles.
16. Bothwell batsman Black Eyles and New Norfolk bowler Aaron Drew.
17. Redcaps Jamie Maddox and, left, and Josh Nichols celebrate a wicket.
18. Matthew Eyles returns to the rooms after being dismissed.
19. Jordan Conley comes in to take the place of Matthew Eyles.
20. Bothwell batsmen Blake Eyles and Jordn Conley.
21. Jordan Conley takes his first shot.
22. Bothwell’s Blake Eyles in action.
23. Bothwell batsmen Blake Eyles, left, and Jordan Conley.
24. New Norfolk bowler Josh Nichols sends one down.
25. Returning to the rooms at the end of Bothwell’s innings.

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