total fire ban

Thursday/Friday: total fire ban in the south

THE Tasmania Fire Service has declared a total fire ban from 2am tomorrow (Thursday, February 22) until 2am on Saturday, for the southern region of the state. The total fire ban applies to the municipalities of Brighton, Central Highlands, Clarence, Derwent Valley, Glamorgan Spring Bay, Glenorchy, Hobart, Huon Valley, Kingborough, Sorell, Southern Midlands and Tasman.

A total fire ban means it is illegal to light or to cause a fire in the open. This includes (but is not limited to) incinerators, burn-offs, campfires, fire pots, and wood-fueled barbecues. People are reminded to check all fires they may have had on their property, including any campfires to ensure they are fully extinguished and check their Bushfire Survival Plan.

** The Derwent Valley Council’s waste disposal facility at Peppermint Hill will be closed for the duration of the total fire ban re-opening on Saturday **

More information on Total Fire Bans and incidents in your area can be found at or by listening to ABC Radio.

During a total fire ban:
(a) No fires may be lit in the open air on any land for any purpose, unless otherwise specified within this declaration.
(b) The occupier of the land where a fire occurs shall immediately, after becoming aware of the fire:
i. Take diligent steps to extinguish the fire or to prevent it from spreading; and
ii. Report the fire to Tasmania Fire Service by calling ‘000’.
(c) All fire permits are suspended, unless the fire is exempted by this declaration.
(d) No fire permits will be granted.
(e) The use of gas and electric cooking appliances such as stoves, ovens and barbecues in the open air is prohibited, unless clear of flammable material for a distance of at least one metre.
(f) The use of cutting and welding machines or apparatus in the open air is prohibited, unless used in the emergency restoration or essential maintenance of critical infrastructure including transport, communications, electricity, gas, water, and sewerage, and provided the use is in accordance with the Tasmania Fire Service Hot Work Guideline.
(g) The use of solid fuel burning ovens in the open air is prohibited, unless used for commercial food production, and provided the use is in accordance with the Tasmania Fire Service Outdoor Oven Guideline.
(i) The undertaking of Forest Operations is prohibited, unless undertaken in accordance with the Tasmania Fire Service Forest Operations Guideline.
(j) Fire lit for the purpose of fire suppression by Tasmania Fire Service, Sustainable Timber Tasmania, or Parks & Wildfire Service is exempt from this declaration.

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