Government doctor for Ouse under Liberals’ health plan

THE upper Derwent Valley town of Ouse would get access to a state-government funded GP under a re-elected majority Liberal Government, health minister and Liberal member for Lyons, Guy Barnett, said today. The town has been without a doctor for two years and a previous offer of help from a Bothwell doctor did not pan out.

Mr Barnett today told New Norfolk and Derwent Valley News that Ouse would be the first community to benefit from the Liberals’ new GP NOW Rapid Response Team.

“General practitioners are the frontline of our health system – everyday heroes treating Tasmanians health needs from colds and flu and scripts to chronic illness and making life-saving diagnoses,” Mr Barnett said. “Under our 2030 Strong Plan for Tasmania’s Future, a re-elected majority Liberal Government will stand up a team of 10 GPs as part of a new GP NOW Rapid Response Team.

“I am proud to say that one of these new GPs will be based in Ouse, to ensure that Tasmanians living in the Central Highlands can access the healthcare that they deserve until a more sustainable solution is found,” he said. The last permanent doctor at Ouse retired in 2021 and the replacement service ended in 2022 due to a contractual dispute, leaving the town without a GP since then.

“GP NOW is an important part of our GP Guarantee, which also includes paying the HECS fee of 40 graduate doctors to live and work in rural and regional Tasmania for a minimum five-year period. Only a re-elected majority Rockliff Liberal Government has a Strong Plan to deliver the healthcare that Tasmanians deserve,” Mr Barnett said.

This week, Mr Barnett has also announced the introduction of 27 new community paramedics statewide who will work across 13 rural hospitals including New Norfolk, and the provision of a fully-equipped bulk-billed Mobile GP Practice, delivered by Moreton Group, which will provide bulk-billed services in four-hourly clinics, five days a week, including visits to the Derwent Valley Community House at New Norfolk.

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  1. Why promise this leading up to an election? For goodness sake, you’ve had two years to rectify this appalling situation already.
    As for Labor – where are you on this?

  2. No mention of this a few months ago when I was in a meeting with Mr Barnett so it seems like something the Liberals have pulled out of their back pockets in a desperate effort to get votes. It is hard to see just how a mobile hit squad of doctors will work in practise. Will we have the same doctor 4 hrs a day, 5 days a week, every week, or do we have to share these doctors with the rest of regional and rural Tasmania? And what happens after 2 yrs? Will we be left with no medical service yet again? It looks like New Norfolk is getting lots of health goodies and the Central Highlands gets the crumbs. Where is the support for the volunteer transport service we asked for so residents can get to a wide range of services that will never exist in this area?

  3. Labor is waiting for someone to tell them what their position should be.
    Meanwhile, Liberals promise something will be done only if they are elected as a majority. If they form a minority government, as they are now, they will do nothing.

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