Lyons vote count stalled at 78%

THE counting of primary votes cast in the division of Lyons in yesterday’s state election has stalled at 78% and the Tasmanian Electoral Commission says no further votes will be counted until Thursday. No party has won a majority in the election and the final makeup of the new parliament is not expected to be known until April 6, with the final results to be declared on April 10.

Despite being unable to lead the Labor Party to a majority in parliament, Opposition Leader Rebecca White has received a big personal endorsement in the division of Lyons, so far receiving 13,624 votes with 22% still to be counted. The next most popular candidate in Lyons is Attorney-General and Health minister Guy Barnett with 7028 personal votes. Candidates highlighted in bold live in the Derwent Valley and Central Highlands area.

  1. Rebecca White MHA, Labor, 13,624 votes
  2. Guy Barnett MHA, Liberal, 7028
  3. Jane Howlett, Liberal, 5964
  4. Mark Shelton MHA, Liberal, 4544
  5. Tabatha Badger, Greens, 3417
  6. Stephanie Cameron, Liberal, 2501
  7. John Tucker MHA, Independent, 2111
  8. Jen Butler MHA, Labor, 2045
  9. Andrew Jenner, Lambie Network, 1889
  10. Troy Pfitzner, Lambie Network, 1846
  11. Richard Hallett, Liberal, 1610
  12. Lesley Pyecroft, Lambie Networrk, 1595
  13. Richard Goss, Labor, 1579
  14. Justin Derksen, Liberal, 1296
  15. Ben Dudman, Labor, 1270
  16. Gregory Brown, Liberal, 1148
  17. Casey Farrell, Labor, 1058
  18. Anna Gralton, Animal Justice, 1028
  19. Edwin Batt, Labor, 936
  20. Hannah Rubenach-Quinn, Greens, 904
  21. Ray Williams, Shooters Fishers Farmers, 867
  22. Carole McQueeney, Labor, 657
  23. Craig Brown, Greens, 634
  24. Shane Broadby, Shooters Fishers Farmers, 622
  25. Phillip Bigg, Shooters Fishers Farmers, 613
  26. Carlo Di Falco, Shooters Fishers Farmers, 527
  27. Alistair Allan, Greens, 476
  28. Wayne Turale, Shooters Fishers Farmers, 437
  29. Mitch Houghton, Greens, 418
  30. Glenn Millar, Greens, 413
  31. Gary Whisson, Greens, 409
  32. Angela Offord, Independent, 180
  33. Loueen (Lou) Triffitt, Independent, 153
  34. Andrew Roberts, Independent, 105
  35. Jenny Branch-Allen, Independent, 69
  36. Fraser Miller, Independent, 58

In a “first past the post” electoral system these numbers could result in Rebecca White, Guy Barnett, Jane Howlett, Mark Shelton, Tabatha Badger, Stephanie Cameron and John Tucker winning the seven seats in Lyons. However, under Tasmania’s system of preferential voting, only Ms White is so far guaranteed a seat. Pollsters predict that Mr Barnett, Ms Howlett and Mr Shelton will be elected, most likely joined by Jen Butler (presently in eighth place), Ms Badger, and they say Mr Tucker has lost his seat. The expectation is that the seventh seat will go to Labor or the Jacqui Lambie Network. We probably won’t know until after Easter.

  • House of Assembly election statewide results – Lyons – click here
  • House of Assembly election results – Lyons – click here

Photo: Bianca Triffett voting at Ouse yesterday.

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