Key roles for Lyons Liberals after the poll was declared

THE voters’ role in electing the new lower house of Tasmania’s parliament concluded yesterday (Tuesday) with the formal declaration of the poll ceremonies. These are short ceremonies at which the returning officer formally announces the elected Members of the House of Assembly and candidates are invited to make a brief speech. The ceremony for the Lyons electorate was held in the Parliament House reception room.

The expanded grouping of seven members for Lyons is as follows, in the order of election:

  • WHITE, Rebecca, of Richmond, Australian Labor Party
  • BARNETT, Guy, of Newstead, Liberal Party
  • HOWLETT, Jane, of Battery Point, Liberal Party
  • BUTLER, Jen, of St Helens, Australian Labor Party
  • SHELTON, Mark, of Bracknell, Liberal Party
  • JENNER, Andrew, of Richmond, Jacqui Lambie Network
  • BADGER, Tabatha, of Ellendale, Tasmanian Greens

The focus now shifts to forming government and the wrangling it will take for the Liberal Party to recruit enough supporters among the minor parties and independents to form government. Premier Jeremy Rockliff today announced he had reached an agreement with the three Jacqui Lambie Network MPs – including the new member for Lyons, Andrew Jenner – to support the government in parliament. This gave Mr Rockliff sufficient confidence to also announce the makeup of his new cabinet, including key roles for the returning member for Lyons, Guy Barnett (Attorney-General, Minister for Justice, Minister for Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing, and Minister for Veterans’ Affairs), and a return to cabinet for another of the new Lyons MHAs, Jane Howlett (Minister for Primary Industries and Water, and Minister for Racing), who successfully moved from the Legislative Council to the House of Assembly.

Despite being unable to lead the Labor Party to a majority in parliament, local MP Rebecca White received a big personal endorsement in the division of Lyons, receiving 15,607 votes. Ms White has since resigned as leader of the opposition. The next most popular candidate in Lyons was Attorney-General and Health minister Guy Barnett with 8252 personal votes. The final tally of first preference votes in Lyons was as follows:

  1. Rebecca White MHA, Labor, 15,607
  2. Guy Barnett MHA, Liberal, 8252
  3. Jane Howlett, Liberal, 6843
  4. Mark Shelton MHA, Liberal, 5184
  5. Tabatha Badger, Greens, 4044
  6. Stephanie Cameron, Liberal, 2865
  7. Jen Butler MHA, Labor, 2363
  8. John Tucker MHA, Independent, 2309
  9. Andrew Jenner, Jacqui Lambie Network, 2177
  10. Troy Pfitzner, Jacqui Lambie Network, 2127
  11. Richard Hallett, Liberal, 1867
  12. Lesley Pyecroft, Jacqui Lambie Network, 1841
  13. Richard Goss, Labor, 1790
  14. Ben Dudman, Labor, 1491
  15. Justin Derksen, Liberal, 1483
  16. Gregory Brown, Liberal, 1353
  17. Anna Gralton, Animal Justice Party, 1213
  18. Casey Farrell, Labor, 1182
  19. Hannah Rubenach-Quinn, Greens, 1117
  20. Edwin Batt, Labor, 1063
  21. Ray Williams, Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Party, 953
  22. Carole McQueeney, Labor, 780
  23. Shane Broadby, Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Party, 755
  24. Craig Brown, Greens, 741
  25. Phillip Bigg, Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Party, 715
  26. Alistair Allan, Greens, 620
  27. Carlo Di Falco, Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Party, 599
  28. Glenn Millar, Greens, 520
  29. Mitch Houghton, Greens, 516
  30. Wayne Turale, Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Party, 511
  31. Gary Whisson, Greens, 489
  32. Angela Offord, Independent, 214
  33. Loueen Triffitt, Independent, 175
  34. Andrew Roberts, Independent, 130
  35. Jenny Branch-Allen, Independent, 92
  36. Fraser Miller, Independent, 70.

Editors’ note: We have checked and double-checked the tally above. If we have made any errors, please let us know.

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