Opening the Art Space for Sunday sessions

THERE is a deck in a park that once was just a paddock on my property at Ellendale. The sheep used to keep the grass down. Then one day the fence came down and suddenly there was a different space. It was too large a space to let the creative juices flow into a garden.

A ride-on mower was purchased and for many winters running into spring, I learnt the skill of handling this machine. It was sometimes a little challenging and I didn’t always feel great about the extra work I had unwittingly put on myself. The joy came with letting go of “I must do this” and I became more aware of the beauty around me. The daffodils, the blossom and the snow that sits on the mountain in the background.

A few years on, one of my trees fell, at the same time I was about to turn 60. I came up with this rather fanciful idea of having a deck built in my park. It felt right to position it exactly where the tree root fell. The idea was to dance the tango under the stars for my birthday party. Incredibly, the deck got built. Sadly, the tango dancers didn’t really get my inspiration, but I certainly had other performers who recognised the deck as a stage under the stars.

I have been writing articles regarding creativity, art and all that for a couple of years now, some for this newspaper and others for my website. I usually find a way to honour each season. Sometimes it’s a little hard to find fresh inspiration as art is art and in these changing times since the pandemic there is an energy of disgruntlement.

We seem to be tied to our phones and there appears to be an acceptance of “we must look after ourselves “and the one that I find the most difficult is that “we don’t talk to anybody” and that seems to be acceptable too. The inspiration for The Art Space came very shortly after Covid. It took a couple of goes at saying “yes” to an activity that I didn’t really want to do before The Art Space came into an official being.

Not a lot has happened at The Art Space as I have learned that sometimes great inspirations seem to need time. It’s a little like waiting for the yeast to rise in a good loaf of bread. For the month of April on Sundays from noon until 3pm there is a space on this deck and an invitation for musicians, singers or storytellers. The colours will be coming into the fullness of autumn.

An opportunity to celebrate connection in different forms of creativity, this will not be about big audiences but a visualisation of sounds gifted gently lifting people’s spirits as the colours float over the valley of Ellendale. It is a space well suited for the picnic basket. An art gallery is also on the property, where perhaps one may know the gift of art in whatever form they need to experience it. Send me a simple SMS if you would like to participate.

The Art Space, Ellendale
0407 447 840

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