Eagle women on top of the ladder; Reserves’ slow start

The Lady Eagles started strongly at Boyer Oval on Saturday, with some great rucking by N. Moss to S. Skelly, who passed to O. Harris to T. Ford for the Eagles’ first goal. They went forward again with great running play from J. Hay but unfortunately the ball went out of bounds on the full. There was some great play from Z. Crawford who passed to T. Ford for the Eagles’ second goal.

New Norfolk was working hard across the midfield and wings, keeping the ball in their forward line. T. Ford kicked another goal and then passed out of the middle to C. Ford for a behind. M. Krause marked the Suns’ kickout to kick another behind. N. Moss was taking some great marks across the half forward line. S. Skelly, O. Harriss and S. Farrow were all playing strong games.

The ball was becoming slightly slippery for both sides. At this stage the Suns had all their players but one in the Eagles forward line to try to limit the damage. T. Ford received a free and a 50m penalty for her fourth goal. Some great work by J. Franklin to Z. Crawford saw another behind for the Eagles. Quarter time scores: New Norfolk 4.5 (29) points to the Suns 0.0 (0).

The Eagles came out strongly in the second term with great play from S. Farrow, H. James, and J. Franklin to J. Hay for a goal. A free kick was paid to Z. Crawford who passed to J. Franklin to T. Ford for a behind. The kickout by the Suns saw a beautiful piece of play by S. Skelly who kicked a great goal. The Eagles kept pushing forward with a mark by D. Clifford for a behind.

M. Green took a great mark from a Suns kickout to score another behind. O. Harriss marked and sent the ball forward, but the ball was forced out by the Suns’ backline. A throw-in saw Z. Crawford make a great snap for goal. The ball went forward again into the Eagles’ forward line with T. Ford kicking a behind. A great mark by J. Hay saw her kick second goal for the quarter. The agles were very strong in this quarter with selfless plays by all players. C. Ford and N. Skelly kicked two more Eagle goals. Half-time scores: New Norfolk 11.11 (77) to the Suns 0.0 (0).

T. Ford started the quarter strongly with the first goal for the Eagles. O Harriss received a free and passed to T. Ford for another goal. Great play by J. Hay to D. Clifford to C. Ford for another great goal. S. Farrow and S. Skelly were working hard for the Eagles as C. Ford went forward kicking a behind. D. Clifford marked a Suns kickout and kicked a behind. J. Hay kicked to T. Ford who kicked her eighth goal for the game.

N. Moss was rucking well and sent the ball forward with C. Ford kicking a beautiful goal. The Suns went forward but a great mark by J. Mansfield halted their attack as she passed to N. Skelly to N. Moss for a behind. T. Ford kicked the last goal of the quarter. The Eagles midfield was working like a well-oiled machine. Tarn Forn kicked her 200th career goal during this this quarter. What an amazing career milestone for her. Three-quarter time: New Norfolk 17.15 (117) to Suns 0.0 (0).

The final quarter commenced with some great ruck work by N. Moss and ground work by S. Farrow for C. Ford to kick a wonderful goal. A ball-up in the Eagles forward line saw C. Ford, H. James to T. Ford with a beautiful kick over her head for another Eagles goal. J. Hay and M. Green both scored behinds. S. Farrow took a great mark from the Suns kickout and passed to M. Green to J. Hay for a goal. A great piece of play by S. Skelly to T. Ford to M. Green resulted in a great goal.

The ball went into the Suns forward line and they were able to score a goal through E. Newman. Great tackling by Z. Crawford and O. Harriss who passed to T. Ford for another Eagles goal. It was a great game from the Eagles which saw them move to the top of the Division 2 ladder on percentage over Claremont. The next home game will be against Claremont and should be a great contest.

Congratulations to Dannielle Clifford on her 50th game milestone, and Tarn Ford for kicking 11 goals and reaching 200 career goals. A big thank you also to the NNJFC players and family who ran out with the Eagles today, this is what makes a great club and community. 

Final Scores
New Norfolk 23.16 (154)

South East Suns 1.0 (6)
Best – New Norfolk
: T. Ford, S. Skelly, C. Ford, J. Franklin, O. Harriss, Z. Crawford; Suns: J. Roy, L. Salerno, Z. Chugg, T. Johnson, E. Newman.
Goals – New Norfolk: T. Ford 11, C. Ford 4, J. Hay 4, Z. Crawford, S. Skelly, N. Skelly, M. Green; Suns: E. Newman.

Dannielle Clifford being chaired from the ground on Saturday after her 50th game.


THE Eagle Reserves had a slow start in the first half which had them playing catch-up for the rest of the contest as Sorell had the game in their grasp for most of the afternoon. The Eagles had a few key players missing, including Corey Ransley who was promoted to the Senior squad, onballer Josh Eyles and Leigh Franklin were unavailable along with a few other players who are on the injured list such as Tyler Heron, Jude Holbrook and Tim Warden. Sorell is at the top of the SFL reserves ladder and it will be interesting when both sides meet later in the season when our Reserve side will hopefully be more settled.

The first quarter was an even affair although Sorell was inaccurate in front of goal, scoring 1.6 (12) while the Eagles managed one goal from Riley Triffett. Quarter time scores were Sorell 1.6 (12) to New Norfolk 1.0 (6) and Sorell went on to extend its lead to 29 points at the half-time break: 6.6 (42) to 2.1 (13).

To the Eagles’ credit they fought the game out in the second, half kicking six goals while Sorell added 10 to run out comfortable winners by 59 points. Ryan Bartels toiled hard in the ruck against bigger opposition and Jacob Goodsell showed some good form. Busy rover Zane Lester had plenty of the footy and Connor Kelly-Lennox was consistent across half-back.

Ethan Holden played well along with Tyson Eiszele who found the footy around the big Boyer Oval. Tyron Triffett used his height to advantage in defence, with many spoils and rebound from half-back. As the season unfolds the Reserves squad should benefit from players returning when available and grasp what could be an opportunity ahead to push for a finals berth.

Final Scores
Sorell 16G 12B 108 points
New Norfolk 8G 1B 49 points
Best – New Norfolk:
J. Goodsell, Z. Lester, C. Kelly-Lennox, T. Eiszele, E. Holden, T. Triffett; Sorell: C. Lang, T. Pace, D. Chapman, B. Carter, C. Workman, J. Broom.
Goals – New Norfolk: J. Goodsell 2, J. Quarrell 2, T. Eiszele, R. Triffett, J. Fisher-Cooley, R. Bartels; Sorell: C. Needs 4, B. Carter 3, C. Workman 2, D. Chapman 2, C. Lang 2, T. Butterworth, T. Pace, J. Broom.

Saturday, May 25, at Boyer Oval
Women v Claremont at 10am.
Reserves v Claremont at noon.
Seniors v Claremont at 2pm (Mulga Clayton Cup).

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