Southern lights brighten the night sky

UPDATED WITH READERS’ PHOTOS: Boosted by a solar storm, the promised aurora australis (southern lights) has delivered in spades at New Norfolk and around the state tonight, with many locals stepping outside with their cameras and phones to record the event. Here are some images we captured around 8pm. The display has been visible to the naked eye in some instances but generally requires a camera to see the full effect. Your contributions are welcome and can be sent to or 0417 387 577.

Derwent Valley SES headquarters in George St, New Norfolk.
George St, New Norfolk.
The Avenue at Willow Court in New Norfolk.
The Corumbene Health Hub buildings at Willow Court in New Norfolk.
George St, New Norfolk.
Blair St, New Norfolk.

Readers’ photos – thank you:

Ngaire Melhop captured this reflection on the River Derwent opposite the New Norfolk Esplanade.
Carley Brown’s photo taken from Hazlewood St, New Norfolk tonight.
Mel Wright’s view from Fairview, New Norfolk.
Lana Graham’s photo taken from Blair St, at 6.30 this morning.
Brendan Dunning’s photo taken at Bridgewater looking upriver tonight.
Janine Clifford’s view from Trevor Terrace, New Norfolk.
Bindy Daniels’ view at Lachlan.
The view from Glebe Rd, New Norfolk, captured by Jayne Witcombe.
Photo by Holly Lavis.
Aileen Britten’s view of the night sky at Magra.
Jasmine Salter’s photo of the aurora over Macquarie Plains.
The autora in the sky over Lachlan, photographed by Nicky Collins.
Veronica Youd’s photo of the sky over Tyenna.
A spectacular scene photographed by Ngaire Melhop at the New Norfolk Esplanade.
Last night’s aurora over Richmond St, New Norfolk, photographed by Lana Graham at 6.30am.
Steven Honey’s photo of the aurora over New Norfolk.
Robert Cassidy captured a cloudy aurora over Bothwell.
The night sky over Lachlan photographed by Bindy Daniels.
Lana Graham’s photo of the aurora as seen from Bridgewater.
William Latham’s view looking out from near Peppermint Hill at New Norfolk.
A view at the New Norfolk Esplanade by Steven Honey.
Kirby Watson’s colourful view from home at Magra.
Geoff Murray’s photo taken outside New Norfolk.
William Latham captured the Starlink satellites in this image from New Norfolk.
Kirby Watson’s photo of the sky at Magra.
Brendan Dunning captured this scene at Lachlan.
The scene in Ferry St, New Norfolk, photographed by Steven Honey.
A Derwent Valley scene captured by Geoff Murray.

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