Rise and shine

A Reader Asks: “So who decided that New Norfolk people sleep too long and needed a helicopter to wake them up today?”

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Reader’s letter: What’s happening at Woolies?

JUST wondering if we have any news about the Woolworths development yet? I heard a rumour that it was meant to have 29 specialty stores in there? Brad Smith Progress at the new New Norfolk Woolworths site last week. The supermarket will have a secondary entrance off The Avenuefrom this

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Reader’s letter: a wonky Woolies?

I HAVE observed that the new Woolworth’s building currently being constructed in New Norfolk is being constructed wrongly. Either that, or the drawings of it on display on the wall of the council chambers are wrong. I say this because according to the drawings, there are no window openings in

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Reader’s letter: the link road

MY husband and I drove from the Derwent Valley through to Judbury today (Saturday) on the Plenty Rd in our little car. No problems, good road, could be a bit better sign-posted. Why are tourists and other locals not told of this road? It is a long drive to the

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Reader’s letter: Tip talk

LAST weekend I planned my Saturday around a “trip to the tip”. I loaded the station wagon with all sorts of smelly rubbish and set off just after lunch only to find at the bottom of the street leading to the tip a sign saying “TIP CLOSED”. If it is

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Reader’s letter – Willow Court

THE real estate agent didn’t lose a sale because of Leo Schofield’s comments; he lost it because of the situation in New Norfolk to which Leo Schofield’s criticism applied – corporate and individual vandalism, and frequent fires which are suspected of being arson.  The people to blame are those in

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Reader’s letter: councillor comments

THERE has been some considerable angst around last Thursday’s council meeting and some of the decisions made at that meeting. Questions have been raised about some councillor’s reasons for the way they voted on the motion put by Councillor Damien Bester in relation to the fencing of the buildings D,

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Reader’s letter: Willow Court

I HEARTILY concur with Mrs Salt’s comments regarding the recent Derwent Valley Council meeting. I am the member of the public who left in disgust at the Council’s attitude towards Councillor Bester’s motions.  As a person who chose to retire to New Norfolk from the mainland for its natural beauty

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Reader’s letter: Willow Court fence

AFTER witnessing last Thursday’s Council meeting and sitting through the defeat of Cr Bester’s motion to erect a permanent fence around wards D, E, F, & G, I have completely lost faith in the ability of the Council to protect or manage Willow Court.  Shame on all Councillors who voted

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Reader comment of the decade

WHILE this news blog is not quite four years old, the sorry saga of the Derwent Valley Council’s mis-handling of the Willow Court historic site has being going on for more than a decade. Today, after 990 posts, 792 comments and 97,363 page views, a sadly anonymous reader of the

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Reader’s letter: the Business Alliance

SOME news in regard to what the New Norfolk Business Alliance has been doing in recent times and promotions planned for the near future. For people who do not know, this group promotes New Norfolk and district with funds raised via a levy on the business operators within the CBD

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Reader’s letter – signs of the times

DO we really want this image of our town portrayed to our visitors? How disgusting! The topic of many tourism operators meetings is how to attract more visitors to the town and convince them to stay more than one night – that is if they are not put off by

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