Reader’s letter – fox baiting

TODAY I noticed several signs posted within the Peppermint Hill Estate area in Kensington St in relation to 1080 being laid on December 13. Where are the public notices about this and the fox? Nicole Lawrence

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Reader’s letter – the tunnel

IT is interesting to read of the history behind the drain that was uncovered in Humphrey St last week, and the other articles regarding tunnels and drains to Willow Court.  What is extremely frustrating is that these stories only come to light during an event such as the burst water

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Reader’s letter – tourism shame

The walk into Junee Cave near Maydena LAST month we had two ladies from Japan visit us and we spent time being “tourists” in our own state. Firstly we did a day tour of the Derwent Valley up to the Styx Tall Trees area near Maydena. After phoning various departments

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Reader’s letter – the gate

New Norfolk’s new entry sign defaced IT is interesting and frustrating to see that “The Gate” at the entrance to New Norfolk on the Lyell Highway has multiple purposes. Currently it is covered by a banner advertising the Derwent Valley Garden Club’s annual flower show this weekend.  It’s not surprising

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Letter to the editor: Consultation?

ONE hand giveth, and the other taketh away. The State Government has committed a callous act of cruelty against its people, by setting an impossible task as the only option schools and their surrounding communities have to object to the imminent closure of their schools. On the surface the smiling

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A reader asks…

A READER asks: Does anyone know if it is true that the new units being built on Ring Rd/Lower Rd are intended to house ex-prisoners? Comments may be posted below. They may also be emailed to if confidentiality is required.

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Letter to the editor: gardeners needed

THE Frascati Community Garden is up and running and the committee is now looking to expand its volunteer base. We have many different projects coming up over the next year – something for everybody.  This includes fencing and starting up the food garden on the flats, weeding on the bank

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Letter – New Norfolk Caravan Park

NEW Norfolk should be very proud of its Caravan Park. We returned again this year to stay in your dog-friendly park. The continued improvement is very noticeable. It is a pleasure to stay here, in such a well run friendly facility, very neat grounds, with spotless amenities. The park is 

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LETTER: A visitor’s view

WE’VE just returned from eight great days in Tasmania, including three nights in New Norfolk. We enjoyed the accommodation on the Derwent, the historical and river walk and the friendly towns people, but we thought there was much needed to be done to encourage travellers like us to return. 1.

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LETTER: Lack of services

WITH the Derwent Valley recently being thrust into the spotlight for unthinkable acts, the community still manages to be left without its common services from police and ambulance. A regular day for paramedics tends to leave the Valley without an ambulance (for any medical emergencies) for lengthy periods of time.

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Letter to the editor: Willow Court

The following comment was submitted today in response to an old article about Willow Court. It deserves repeating here & it’s a shame the writer did not leave their name as the points listed here are well made. WHY does someone not do something like make New Norfolk the centre

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